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Experiential Learning

In February 2011 on February 2, 2011 at 4:31 am

We’d all like to imagine we’re good in bed. After all, who gives a blowjob and then says to themselves, “Damn, I really suck at that!” (Surprisingly, the pun is not intended). We all like to think we’re rock-stars when we take off our clothes. We imagine our partner melting with desire, their jaw dropping open, their hands groping, smacking, slapping. Or at least I do. I love buying lingerie and imagining myself as a dominatrix, a Santa, a valentine… the list is alarmingly long.

However, no matter how much I imagine myself to be a wizard in the nude, I can’t imagine I live up to my own expectations. After all, for all of my fantasies, the fact remains that I have very limited experience. No matter how hard my imagination works, little work goes on between my legs. No matter how much I talk about sex, I sometimes still feel awkward and shy once the clothes come off and I’m left in my leopard-print Hanky Panky.

Being a Dartmouth student, I have approached sex with a rather academic approach. I do my research, I study, I interview. Yet I am coming to realize that no matter how much Cosmo tells me about how to pull off the hand-job he’ll never forget, these are things I’m going to have to figure out for myself. So while nothing may stop me reading The Joy of Female Orgasm, I have to remember that sex is ultimately something you learn about through experience, not from other people.



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