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Sex in the Headline in February

In February 2011 on February 2, 2011 at 4:24 am

Ke$ha talked about her own experiences learning about sex, saying she “knew everything about sex” before she was seven years old. The pop star explained, “My mom left me at home when I was 14 with a credit card, and a box of condoms and the keys to the car and said, ‘Don’t get pregnant and don’t drink and drive’.” [Huffington Post]

A University of Indiana study of 2,453 biological females revealed that participants experienced greater sexual pleasure and satisfaction when using a water or silicone based lube while having vaginal or anal sex and masturbating. Additionally, chances of vaginal or anal tearing were significantly reduced. Reasons the women reported using lubrication were approximately 22% to reduce the risk of tearing and 22% to increase pleasure/comfort. [Indiana University]

A study of 434 young heterosexual couples ages 18-25 found that, in 40 percent of couples, only one partner says the couple agreed to be sexually exclusive. The other partner said there was no agreement. Open and honest communication you guys! [Science Daily]

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