The Humpday Gazette

Canoe Canoodling

In March 2011 on April 4, 2011 at 4:25 am

We can’t say if the sex position of the month is sanitary, safe, or even a good idea. However, we at the Hump-day Gazette are really excited for spring to actually begin. Therefore, when we saw the picture for ‘Canoe Canoodling’ in Cosmo, we decided it would be nice to think ahead a few months when the snow has melted from the green and the river isn’t frozen. To have your own fun in the sun (or in any location while pretending to still be on Spring Break and floating around the Caribbean), have the partner being penetrated stretch out and rest their head on their lower arm for cushioning, while the penetrating partner spoons them from behind with their arm wrapped around the other’s waist. In a boat, you’ll have a nice rocking sensation, and in bed, you can just enjoy some slow and sensual spooning sex.

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