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Kate and Michelle: Bodies

In March 2011 on April 4, 2011 at 4:42 am


I think smart is sexy. I like smart people. People that are comfortable with themselves I think is very sexy. My cat is really sexy.

–       Gina Gershon


There are definitely a few of you out there who are reading the above quote and thinking there is nothing sexy about a cat. But let’s face it: whatever the human equivalent of purring and twining around somebody’s ankles is, it would certainly make us all hot and bothered. Across the animal kingdom, there are as many definitions of “sexy” as there are species of animals. Some species, like the peacock, appeal to their mates on a purely physical level. Others, like the European house wren, attract their mates through intelligence and potential parental skill, in this case shown through the construction of a nest. Some animals may choose their mates based on scent (studies show that individuals whose immune systems are complimentary to a potential mate’s will have a more appealing smell). Others may simply mate with whoever is available.

Not to self call homo sapiens, but we do all of these things. Physical attraction, intelligence, a sense of humor, horniness, unexplainable chemistry (that has a bit to do with scent), and thousands of other factors all affect how we form relationships, especially sexual relationships, with. While these are all important, this issue we will be dealing with the physical aspects of the body. Many people feel they must be physically attractive for others to be sexually or romantically interested in them. Men and women who are considered physically “attractive” become sex symbols who all others must strive to be. The set of physical parameters that are considered attractive may not lead only to self image and esteem issues, but also reduces us to our most superficial elements: physical appearance. With this mindset, even the most self-assured of us deal with issues regarding appearance: am I too fat? Too thin? Too hairy?  Through open discussion, we believe that we can attempt to address the issues of one’s body in sexuality, with the reminder that being sexy is much more than purely physical.


Have fun and be safe,

Michelle and Kate


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