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Book Club: The Sexual History of London

In 12W on March 10, 2012 at 7:38 pm

“The Sexual History of London” 

By Catharine Arnold

Top 4 facts about sex in London through the ages:

The modern sexual massage parlor was born in the bathhouses of Roman Londonium, as skilled prostitutes of both genders offered their clients happy endings in private corners.

In 18th century England, there was an entire subset of pornographic literature dedicated to sexually frustrated women who found relief with hard-working and humble eunchs.

The Victorian age was also the “Golden Age of Prostitution” with over 500,000 prostitutes working the streets in the 1850’s, inspiring social problem novels, legislation attempting to stem the spread of STIs, and wealthy men and women “slumming” in the grimy East End.

During WWI, the London gay scene developed its own language, ‘Polari.’ A sampling from the dictionary: “there’s a sharping omi” means “a policeman is coming to the bar.”

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