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Sexperts Mythbusters

In 12W on March 10, 2012 at 7:04 pm

Are myths regarding dating and sex on the Dartmouth campus really true? To confirm or bust popular Dartmouth myths, Hump-Day Gazette staff has compiled various statistics from recent surveys.

Myth #1. No one dates at Dartmouth.

BUSTED Among 400 students who participated in the recent Sexperts “dating” survey (roughly 100 students from each grade, with gender ratio of 65% female and 35% male), about half the students answered that they were currently in a relationship.

Myth #2. When people do date, they stay in one relationship for a long time.

PLAUSIBLE When asked how long they have been in the current relationship, the most frequent answer was 1-3 years – about 35%. The rest of the responses were primarily somewhere between 3 months and 1 year.

Myth #3. Most relationships start from random hook-ups or in Greek houses.

BUSTED It is true that most people think that most Dartmouth relationships start from random hook-ups or dates in Greek house setting (e.g. pong-date or formal date): 30% of people thought most relationships started from random hook-ups and another 30% thought they started mostly in a Greek house setting. However, about 75% of people currently in relationships answered that their relationships started as friends or acquaintances. Only the rest, 25%, answered that their relationships started from random hook-ups or from Greek house dates.

Myth #4. Most people have sex before officially dating. 

PLAUSIBLE 30% is by no means the majority, but many couples do engage in sex before officially dating! There was no evidence that this affected the outcome of relationships in either direction, so be sure you do whatever seems right for you and your partner.

Myth #5. People are always hooking up or having sex at Dartmouth.

BUSTED 80% of people think Dartmouth students on average hook up with 2-6 people per term, but in reality, almost 90% of people hook up with less than 3 people per term: 0 – 30.56%, 1 – 33.01%, 2/3 – 22.5%. To further bust this myth, about 75% of students have had less than total of two sexual partners at Dartmouth, and in a Spring ‘08 Dartmouth Health survey, 28% of students responded that they were not yet sexually active.

Myth #6. Girls don’t masturbate.

INCONCLUSIVE About 30% of women who responded never masturbated, and 50% of female responses indicated that they masturbated on a fairly regular basis.

Survey responses show that Dartmouth students are less promiscuous and more committed than they generally think of each other. Is it time we rethink our school’s dating reputation? Perhaps!

A Letter from the Editor in Chief

In 12W on March 10, 2012 at 6:58 pm

I am just a regular everyday normal guy…

And my sexual performances is average

– Jon Lajoie, Everyday Normal Guy

Too many sex questions start with “Is it normal that…” I’m reaching the point that the word “normal” triggers a weird Pavlovian reaction where I start yelling “NO ONE ELSE ACTUALLY CARES,” and it is uttered within earshot. I admit this is a bit of an extreme reaction, but the word “normal” has so many of the conceptions of sex I hate, namely that there is some universal, and for most, unreachable, ideal we’re all striving to reach. Ask if your sex life is healthy and pleasurable, seek out methods to make sex more mutually enjoyable, but don’t change what you’re doing because of what you think you are expected to do at Dartmouth. Fitting into the strict boundaries of these norms and expectations hurts us all. In this issue we wanted to explore what these norms and expectations are at Dartmouth, and how they affect us. By critically examining these issues in this Hump-Day Gazette, we hope to build a community that challenges misconceptions and generalizations. Remember, what you think is the norm often isn’t. And even if it is, that doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

Have fun and be safe,