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In 12W on March 10, 2012 at 7:25 pm

171 figures placed on the steps of  Dartmouth Hall, to represent 171 known survivors of  sexual assault at Dartmouth. The year “1972,” written in snow, is the year the College became co-ed. From 

V-Week 2012 was one of the biggest and most extensively planned blocks of discussing sexual violence and female sexual empowerment in Dartmouth’s memory. Events included comedian Cindy Pierce, a panel on ‘Vagina Monologues Controversies’ and ‘V-Men: Sex, Drugs, Responsibility and Masculinity at Dartmouth and Beyond.’ As always, the ever expanding V-Week culminated in the “Vagina Monologues,” which this year had a cast of 60 and was directed by Mia Jessup ‘12.

Love Match fever raged at Dartmouth, with 1154 students filling out the survey designed to pair them with their perfect mate. The survey was, for many, less than ideal due to questions inconsequential to their love life and the fact it did not take reciprocal interest in sexual behavior into question (i.e. those looking for “same parts” matched with those looking for partners with “different parts”). However, the sheet for many proved to be a nice conversation piece, and a new pick up line.

171 dolls were placed on the steps of Dartmouth Hall on February 28th, by the anonymous ‘Daughters of Dartmouth.’ Each of the figures represented a unique story of sexual assault revealed to the less than two-dozen upperclassmen. Go to to read more about the group.

Looking foward, we have “Promise and Perils of the Hook-Up Culture” a talk by Lisa Wade, PhD, on Thursday, March 29th, in Rocky 2. In her own words: “I show that the problem on college campuses isn’t too much sex, it’s bad sex: unpleasurable, unwanted, unempowering, and antagonistic. The solution? Not to abandon the casual hook-up (it has some interesting advantages), but to multiply the sexual discourses on campus in ways that give students the cognitive freedom and cultural support to make the sexual choices that are best for each of them.”