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Objectification and Assault

In November 2010 on December 16, 2010 at 6:06 pm

by Kate

I hate the fact that sex is so predominant in our culture.  Wait, that’s a lie. I hate the version of sex that is so present in modern American society. Advertisements, television, music, porn- every day, we are exposed to sex or sexuality in some way. The problem is the vast majority of these mediums portray sex and sexuality a certain way, creating overwhelming social norms regarding sex that are harmful for everyone. We primarily see young, straight, toned, and nondisabled people having sex or being portrayed as sexually appealing. Sex is awesome and always results in orgasms (unless something is wrong with the relationship), something that men should always want and try to get from women, and something that is earned or deserved. Sexual health and consent are rarely mentioned, except in clear-cut cases of pregnancy, STD’s, or rape. When issues with consent are actually addressed by the media, sexual assault usually revolves around a female who is a “good girl,” who doesn’t deserve it (as if someone else would deserve to be raped?) or put herself at risk in someway, placing some of the responsibility on the victim. All of this is, of course, only a sliver of how sex and sexuality truly exist in the real world. However, because these norms and stereotypes have become part of our culture, those with different experiences are alienated, with dangerous results.

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