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To Shave or Not To Shave: Female’s Pubic Hair Dilemma

In 12W on March 10, 2012 at 7:17 pm

When you start a journey of sexual adventures with a new partner, you bring carnal desire and passion, but also also a number of expectations. The list varies from person to person, but for many, body hair expectations are at the top of the list.

A 2011 WGST 10 survey on body hair revealed almost every single woman removes her armpit and leg hair. While both leg and armpit hair are on rather revealing parts of the female body, on a hot summer day we don’t need the survey results to see if her armpit or leg hair is shaved. What people really wanted to know – or at least what I really wanted to know – is what’s hidden underneath women’s clothes, what’s being done to their “down there.”

Let the drum roll begin for the grand results….and ta-da! 78 percent! The same 2011 survey results show that among 191 self-identified females of the Class of 2013 who responded, 78% answered that they remove some or all of their pubic hair. Even if we take into account that those who responded might be more into hair removal and that the actual numbers could be lower than 78%, the results still reflect that the vast majority of female students do shave or trim their pubic hair. Whew. So that’s it. Most females do shave or trim their pubic hair. Now one might ask oneself, “so when I pull down a girl’s panties, I guess I should expect a bald pussy.” Not exactly.

The results show that around 35% of females only do minimal or bikini line trimming, around 15% remove some or most of their hair, and the final 30% remove all of their pubic hair. So no, you should only expect a no hair “down there” three out of ten times, and also don’t forget that one out of ten would have a full-on bush. In other words, if you were gambling, Hump-Day Gazette wouldn’t advise putting too much money on any of the options.

Trimmed or bald, it’s safe to establish that most women of Dartmouth take care of their pubic hair in some fashion. Let’s now talk about why they opt to do so: didn’t God give us everything for a reason? Pubic hair indeed protects the area from friction and keeps dust or other particles from entering the vagina. However, there are also aesthetic and practical advantages of removing pubic hair. For example, neatly trimmed pubic hair is seen by many as more pleasant-looking, especially during bikini seasons. Indeed, most women list their top reason for pubic hair removal as to appear more attractive.

“When giving oral sex, it’s nice to not have to worry about hair getting in your face,” commented a male ’14 on the practical advantages of removing pubic hair. He continued, “however, at the end of the day, shaved or bushy, pussy is a pussy. I’m not going to be too picky.”

Many women and men also like the way a clean shaved pubic area feels. Once the coarse hair is removed, the area reveals soft skin that is very sensitive to sensations. One should be careful not to cause too much friction on the bare skin, but with caution, shaved skin can give new pleasures.

Of course, some beg to differ. “I once conformed to pressure and shaved down there, but honestly I don’t understand what is attractive about making it look like a ten-year-old’s. I find it pedophilic,” said a female ’15. She continued, “the worst part is when your shaved hair grows back, and the prickly stub keeps poking you everywhere!”

Her argument is also valid. Pubic hair removal is a high maintenance task that requires both time and money. If you choose to shave it – the most cost-conscious method, you must do so regularly to prevent “prickly stub” from causing irritation on your skin. Waxing may last longer, but it is more expensive and much more painful (price may depend on whether it’s personally or professionally done). There are definite pros and cons to pubic hair removal, and most people express that it is up to their personal choice and what their partners prefer.

One last note: ladies, why not try changing your pubic hair removal patterns to spice things up in your current relationship? You can remove more or less hair or even go back to a full on bush for a more retro look! Do whatever you want – even if it doesn’t meet others’ expectations. In the words of one respondent to the Female Body Hair survey: “I’m beautiful with any amount of hair, and anyone who doesn’t like it can F*CK OFF.”

All data were taken from a 2011 WGST 10 Body Hair Survey. A total of  191 self-identified females of  the Class of  2013 participated in the survey. For more of  their results and a wider discussion of  the politics, history, and biology of  body hair, read their magazine, ‘Hirsute Suits Her’ at