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Canoe Canoodling

In March 2011 on April 4, 2011 at 4:25 am

We can’t say if the sex position of the month is sanitary, safe, or even a good idea. However, we at the Hump-day Gazette are really excited for spring to actually begin. Therefore, when we saw the picture for ‘Canoe Canoodling’ in Cosmo, we decided it would be nice to think ahead a few months when the snow has melted from the green and the river isn’t frozen. To have your own fun in the sun (or in any location while pretending to still be on Spring Break and floating around the Caribbean), have the partner being penetrated stretch out and rest their head on their lower arm for cushioning, while the penetrating partner spoons them from behind with their arm wrapped around the other’s waist. In a boat, you’ll have a nice rocking sensation, and in bed, you can just enjoy some slow and sensual spooning sex.

Sex Position of the Month: “The Tight-Squeeze”

In February 2011 on February 2, 2011 at 3:45 am

This position is perfect for both heterosexual and homosexual intercourse. Have the receiving partner lie on their stomach with their legs slightly spread. The other partner then lies on top, making sure to put some weight on their elbows so they don’t crush the person on the bottom, and place their legs outside of their partners. The person on top then enters either the anus or vagina. The “tight squeeze” comes in when the bottom partner closes their legs and crosses them at the ankles (for anal sex, a tighter fit can be achieved by gently clenching your glutes–just be careful not to get a cramp!). This position will not only offer a nice tight sensation for penetrating partner, but also deep stimulation for the bottom partner. It also provides the opportunity for a sensual experience, since both partners are physical close and the partner on top can use their hands (and mouth) to explore their partner. Spice it up by having the partner on the bottom rock their hips back into their partner as the person on top thrusts.


Sex Position of September: Sideways 69

In September 2010 on December 16, 2010 at 5:12 am

The perfect combination of mutual pleasure and laziness, the Sideways 69 lets you an your partner both enjoy oral at the same time without neck pain and difficulty positioning some people encounter with the traditional 69 with one partner on top. Simply position yourself in a way that both you and your partner have easy access to each others genitalia while laying on your sides and get down to business. It’s a position for almost everyone – opposite and same sex couples; virgins who define sex as penetrative and non-virgins who keep coming back for more; stay on your sides, or use this position as a transition into the 69 with one partner on top. Unfortunately, those with difficulties multi-tasking and couples with significant height difference may have some issues with this one, but to everyone else, have some mutual fun without penetration!